Some of Our Projects


SDDA, as a leading engineering services company, has delivered custom solutions to its customers in the oil & gas, power generation, marine, seaport, defence and construction sectors across the Asia-Pacific. We continue to deliver exceptional engineering solutions customised to our customers' needs, backed up by dedicated and reliable after sales service and support.


Customised SDDA Power Gensets for:
  1. EMS (Vietnam) - Hydraulic Powerpack for pedestal crane
  2. Hyundai - RTGC Genset @Korea
  3. Jurong Port - RTGC Genset
  4. PSA - RTGC Genset
  5. PT Rekayasa (Indonesia) - Coal firing Power Plant for Tonasa @Indonesia
  6. SMOE - Genset for Zone II @North Sea & Myanmar
  7. Indelux - Genset for Telecommunication, Black Start Genset for water desalination Plant in Middle East & Africa

Provision of Genset for:
  1. Chiyoda Singapore - Stoltheaven Terminal @Jurong Island
  2. LSK Engineering - Goldman Sachs Building @Anson Road
  3. Meiden - A*Star (Biodiesel)
  4. CAAS - Singapore Islands

Provision of IMAGEN Camera:
  1. Military - Manufacture and system integration of IMAGEN Camera for military application


  1. Integrated Logistics Management for Port of Tanjung Pelepas to manage port equipments and spares
  2. Engine MRO in offshore equipment for Ensco
  3. Provision of military component repair and spare management
  4. Supply and Provision of Integrated Logistic Support for vehicle navigation system
  5. Supply and installation of Thermal Oil Heater for the conversion of tanker to FSO for Sembawang Shipyard